Monday, July 25, 2011

Squarey Monster 54 (Ridicula)

Today's Squarey Monster is a candy vampire (better known as a "notsferustochew")

So you think vampires suck blood, huh? Well that’s mostly true, but some want nothing but…candy. Yep, that’s right — chocolate, suckers, lollipops, chews, bars, crispy cookie thingies — you name it. Thing is. Ridicula can’t eat the candy himself. He’s only got the two fangs you see, and no molars for chewing. He ate a ridiculous amount of candy before he joined the ranks of the undead, and he lost all his teeth. Instead he satiates himself vicariously through you by enticing YOU to eat ridiculous amounts of candy! Sounds like a yummy enemy to have.

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