Saturday, July 16, 2011

Squarey Monster 45 (Redusa)

Meet Redusa. She's going to make you start over…but you'll never, ever finish.

Did you know that the Gorgon, Medusa had a little sister? Her name is Redusa. If you look directly at her you will be reduced to your infant form. All your adult problems will go away, but you’ll have a whole new set of problems — like not being able to chew your food, and having incontrollable bathroom breaks. This seems like it’s no big deal since you’ve been through it before; but this time you’ll remember every single warm and gooey episode. Oh, and did I mention it’s forever? You’ll never grow out of it. Stay away from Redusa!

This past week has been a tough one personally. I was not often in a situation where I could design a Squarey Monster (let alone upload since I was off the grid). Family health has to come first.


  1. Tempting as it sounds at times, I hope I haven't looked too closely at this one! And I hope your family health situation is better now...

  2. Thanks, Curious :)

    It's an ongoing situation. Trying not to let it affect my work. Felt the need to try to kickstart my self again with my familiar vector art. One thing I've noticed in doing this 365 project is that just like any exercise it's not always easy to get going every day. But, it's always satisfying to finish every day.