Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bonus sushi monster!

Squarey Monster 29 (Gruffin)

Feeling grumpy? Nobody is as grumpy as today's Squarey Monster.

The gruffest of Squarey Trolls, Gruffin is a grumpy facade who is known for hiding happy monsters and happy feelings under Buffaloney Bridge. There are ways to get through to him, but there is no tried and true method. He’s unpredictable. Tell him a joke he’s heard before, and he might snap you in two. Best to avoid him all together, but if you do run into him (or feel the urge to make him release a happy monster) be prepared for an earth-rattling, “Harumff!!!”

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Squarey Monster 28 (a snailien)

I'm on an alien kick. What can I say? Today's Squarey Monster shouldn't confuse you. It's not a Dodger. It's not even a Squug. It's a snailien.

Alex E.
This is a snailien from the planet Sodiumbo. Alex E. is a scout for the snailien species. He was sent into space in search of salty planets so the Sodiumbolings can conquer the galaxy. Alex E. finds Earth to be deliciously salty, and lucky for us he’s greedy. He doesn’t plan to return to Sodiumbo because he wants to live out the rest of his days eating the salt from our planet. The reason it’s “lucky” to toss salt over your left shoulder is because if Alex E. is sneaking up behind you he’d much rather eat the salt than devour you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Squarey Monster 27 (from the planet Vim 1)

Today's Squarey Monster will mesmerize you…in a positive way.

This is a nano-banalien from the planet Vim 1. He can mesmerize you, and take you out of the spell of boredom. He can make you take interest in stuff you never would have thought was intriguing. He helps you realize that there’s so much out there in the universe that’s worth checking out. Next time you think you’re bored, and have nothing to do. Call out Mesmerio. He’ll suggest something, and you’ll like it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Squarey Monster 26 (Slalarm)

Inspired by yesterday's negligent fiasco, meet today's Squarey Monster :)

This alien creature who never sleeps is of an unknown alien species, but still falls under the Squarey Monsters genus through honorary membership. Slalarm is a helpful creature (albeit slow) who knows when you’ve got responsibilities to take care of. He’ll start on his mission to get your attention, but you move so fast it takes forever for him to catch up. That’s why you normally only see him at night. The only time he can catch up to you is when you’re sleeping. He taps you relentlessly to remind you of what you forgot to do the day before. Wake up!

Squarey Monster 25 (pillow monster)

Here's what happens when you wake up in the middle of the night remembering that you forgot your 365 project the day before! Pillow monster!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Squarey Monster 24 (kitchen monster)

Stuff from around the kitchen. Mostly dog treats. And, yes those glasses are from around the kitchen. I found them hanging on a sidewalk grate.

Update June 29, 2011:
My explanation of why the glasses are in the kitchen as a logical statement seems a bit weird. I'll leave it that way. The southwestern coasters have fringe on two sides each, and I thought this guy would look fuzzy with the white fringe. Instead he looks like an elder warrior…and he's smart because he's wearing glasses ;)

Here's a pulled out pic:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Squarey Monster 23 (an obliterataur)

Meet today's Squarey Monster. He's a friend, but be wary of all his "help."

Meet the only known obliterataur. His name is Brub. At least that’s what we think his name is. That’s all he says. “Brub!” What we know about Brub is that he helps you rub out your mistakes. He recognizes when you’ve done something wrong, and he “erases” them. He’s kind of clumsy, though. Sometimes he erases too much, and sometimes his horns and teeth do more damage.
Ever see a pencil with teeth marks all over it? That’s from Brub. Keep him happy with some yummy pencil shavings, and he’ll be more careful when he “erases.”

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Squarey Monster 22 (a Wonky-witz)

Today's Squarey Monster might look familiar to fans of the Squarey Monsters. It's a Wonky-witz - yes, just like Clup, but he serves a different purpose.

Browzer is a Wonky-witz (just like Clup)! A Wonky-witz is a robotic pet of the Witzy-wonk robotic monsters from Wonky Island. These pets are good for a great many environmental purposes. Browzer specializes in finding the greenest products. Bring him shopping, and his scanner eye will find the packaging made from recycled materials or the cleaning product isn’t dangerous for the environment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Squarey Monster 21 (Lure)

Today's Squarey Monster is dangerous. Meet Lure, the shadow scintilla.

This is a shadow scintilla. It’s one of those Squarey Monsters you rarely see. You almost always have the feeling they’re around. A shadow scintilla’s mission is to give you ideas to manipulate you. Lure specializes in getting you to waste your time. She’s thrives on watching you procrastinate though diversion. She can distract anyone. Be careful. The only way to keep her at bay is by keeping the idea bulb above your head lit. Let it go out, and she’ll replace it with her own!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Squarey Monster 20 (another Throw-bot!)

Say hello (in any language you like) to Hearsay 4, today's Squarey Monster.

Hearsay 4
It’s another Throw-bot! Hearsay 4 can record anything and translate it for you. It’ll cost you, though. Make sure you’re stocked up on reel-to-reel audio tape. Apparently it’s delicious! Hearsay 4 eats a ton of it, so, make sure you hear his translation before he gobbles it up!
Hey, remember our friend Floo, the snoop fly? Hearsay 4 and Floo are pretty good friends. You can probably figure out why.
PS. We have no idea if there is a Hearsay 1, 2, or 3.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Squarey Monster 19 (Floo the snoop fly)

Look behind you. Today's Squarey Monster might be watching you right now!

This is a little monster you definitely want on your side. He’s a snoop fly - the quintessential “fly-on-the-wall.” Floo is a speedy little spy who gets the scoop on everyone and everything that strikes his fancy. It’s hard to get any information out of him, though, because he’s kind of hard to hear. Everything he says sounds like buzzing. Maybe there’s a Throw-bot who can enhance his voice…

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Squarey Monster 18 (Hardware)

Made with some of the stuff from my father-in-law's garage.

Update June 20, 2011: Made at the edge of my father-in-law's garage on Father's Day. He wasn't near by at the time, but when he saw what I did, he asked if it was for my project :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Squarey Monster 17 (Popcorn)

Update: June 20, 2010. This Squarey Monsters logo was made with popcorn before going in to see Super 8 at Cobble Hill Cinema in Brooklyn, NY. Apologies to whoever had to clean it up, though it really wasn't that much. I was surprised to find, after the movie, that the popcorn Squarey Monster was still in tact on one of the sample seats they had in the upstairs lobby...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Squarey Monster 16 (A Squarey Prometheus)

Being such a big fan of all things "Frankenstein," today's Squarey Monster was an inevitable one. I'm just finishing up a great book by Susan Tyler Hitchcock called Frankenstein: A Cultural History, so this is perfect timing. See her blog, Monster Sightings.

This fellow named himself, but since he’s got a funny kind of lisp, when he meant to say “Promise,” it came out as “Prometheus.” Prometheus does everything he can to help you keep your promises. Sometimes that can annoy you because you may have to do something you don’t like. But you’re a better person when you keep your promises. Prometheus likes to be a good Squarey Monster by helping you be a person of your word.

I'm going to enlist Prometheus in helping me keep my promise to complete this 365 Project.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Squarey Monster 15 (Patsy the moonscapegoat)

Need someone to take the blame for your shenanigans? Patsy, the moonscapegoat is willing to pay the price for your "mistakes!" Don't take her for granted, though. That would be bad news.

She is a moonscapegoat. Patsy will go far and wide to take the blame for what you do wrong, but don’t take advantage. Mum is the word with her, but she can only handle so much accountability before she chases you around the world with her horns!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Squarey Monster 14 (a whywolf named Lou)

Today's Squarey Monster is Lou. He's a whywolf. Why? Why? Why? Because one of our Facebook fans (Brittany) suggested we do a werewolf. Why not a whywolf?

Lou is a whywolf. No need for a full moon Why should he need a full moon? He takes no other form. Why? We’re not sure. All he does is ask, “Why?” If you want to go for a walk, he asks, “Why?” If you want to eat something, he asks, “Why?” It can get frustrating, but if you introduce him to the right people he can get some pretty interesting answers!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Squarey Monster 13 (Sunspot)

Today's Squarey Monster was inspired by a suggestion from one of the fans on our Facebook page (Thanks, Jennifer :)

His name is Sunspot, and he helps you realize your daydreams.

Sunspot is a fuzzy summer daydream catcher called a chumera — similar to a chimera, but friendlier. Sometimes when you close your eyes, and face the sun you can see his silhouette fluttering around in front of you. Don’t look directly at the sun, though. You’ll never get to see him that way!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Squarey Monster 12 (a Throw-bot)

Today's Squarey Monster is a 3D loving Throw-bot named RB-3D from Wonky Island.

A Throw-bot from Wonky Island. Throw-bots are throwback robots who love retro-tech. RB-3D likes traditional 3D movies, and he keeps a a full database available for your perusal. He’s not impressed with modern 3D, and he’s not interested in actual three dimensions. He lives in a virtual 3D world of his own imagination. His favorite quote is, “Come at me, bro!”

I was inspired by some 3D poster art I saw today the Bell House posted on Facebook today advertising The Detroit Cobras who are scheduled to play in August.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Squarey Monster 10 (dinner at Vern's)

I hope this uploads. Update to come when I get to a computer.

Update June 13, 2011: I was visiting my parents in upstate, NY, and they live in a pocket of the world that contains no 3G connectivity. Forgive the mediocre (at best) Squarey Monster here. It was finally an opportunity to get something down. The crayons at Vern's were pretty cheap - waxy sticks of color. The expression of this monster was pretty much my expression.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Squarey Monster 9 (Immersia)

I'm travelling today, so today's Squarey Monster is going to help me keep an eye on the road, but I'm still going to have to stop for toll booths. Immersia is known to skip right through those.

She’s fuzzy and focused at the same time. She’ll help you stay on track when you have a goal in mind. But be careful, she concentrates so hard on accomplishing the task at hand that she can forget to take care of the simple things like washing her many feet.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Squarey Monster 8 (Boodinky)

I'm in the habit of questioning everything, so I have a lot in common with Boodinky. Today's Squarey Monster is a little purple dude, and he has a question for you.

His motto is, “Don’t you believe it.” Boodinky questions everything. He’s not having any of your tomfoolery or shenanigans. No matter what you think you know, Boodinky challenges it…and sometimes he’s right!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Squarey Monster 7 (Cantankesaurus)

I swear, I'm not feeling grumpy today, and no cantankerous person crossed me. Just felt like making a grumpy dinosaur that messes up your stuff. Meet the only known Cantankesaurus:

Nobody knows this grumpy thing’s name. Its scientific identification is Cantankesaurus because it’s always in a bad mood. It’s a good idea to avoid this Squarey Monster. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It absolutely will not stop until it makes a mess of your room.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Squarey Monster 6 (Registered)

Today we got word that after the long process we have successfully trademarked SQUAREY MONSTERS®  <<see that? The "R" with the circle around it stands for "registered." It's official :)

In celebration I made a new Reggie (the beansferatu - or veggie vampire - nickname, "Beans"). Reggie is one of the original nine Squarey Monsters.

Reggie is a vegetarian vampire; or more accurately a lesser known creature called a beansferatu. You won’t square him away with garlic.

See more Reggie at the Squarey Monsters Facebook page or at the original blog.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Squarey Monster 5 (sushi)

Today's Squarey Monster is a sushi monster with sashimi eyebrows. I was travelling most of the day, and had little time to honor my 365 commitment, so once we settled in at home we ordered some sushi for some healthy comfort food. Shout to Kiku, the best Sushi in Park Slope!

Technical difficulties almost kept me from posting today's Squarey Monster. Blogger was having problems uploading. If I'd spent the time on the monster instead of reinstalling Flash on two browsers, and trouble-shooting issues with why yesterday's mobile post had problems displaying the pictures I'd have had a much better moster to show, I'm sure. Though, I do love the fact that it looks like one of the Gremlins with the radish hair and mint leaf soul patch. 

By the way, he was delicious!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Squarey Monster 4

It's early in this project, and I'm nervous! Not that I'll run out of ideas, but that life will get in the way, and I'll forget to take the time out to do this thing. So, here I am at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City about to have dinner. Luckily, they have paper place mats. Fate also handed me a pencil at the table. I have two $25 chips left over from an earlier loss at the roulette table.
This is the one armed monster enticing me to continue losing money by looking vulnerable with only the one arm. That's a little martini on his foot. The drink was on him...literally, apparently.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Squarey Monster 3

When you're visiting the in-laws you have to find the moment that materials become available, ignore your father-in-law's dirty looks because you're playing with your food...and just make that Squarey Monster! :P
American cheese food monster. Yeah, sounds about right.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Squarey Monster 2

365 Squarey Monsters: Day 2. Still getting my toes wet. Sticking with the familiar, working in Adobe Illustrator. Squarey Monsters were originally developed to be very simple. This is still pretty simple, but after having experimented a lot with abandoning basic flat colors while designing Squaredy Cats I'm probably going to play a little when I do vector art like this.

For fun's sake, I gave the fella a reason and a name, too. He's not your friend.

This is a Squarey Monster who is not to be trusted. He does nothing but lie. Or, maybe because he lies so consistently you can trust him completely. Ask him if you’ll ever win the lottery.
If he says, “No,” you know that some day you will!

If you like these Squarey Monsters, please "Like" their Facebook page.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Squarey Monster 1

It's day one of 365 Squarey Monsters. They won't all be computer art. This is like getting my toes wet. Acclimating myself to the pressure by starting with the familiar. That's not to say I won't do a lot like this. I do like the look. This is just the beginning, though. Who knows where it goes?

They won't all get names and descriptions, either. It just made sense to start out that way. Meet Skweemee, monster #1.

Meet the original Squarey Monsters here.

Nope, those aren’t tentacles with suction cups. They’re snaptacles!
Skweemee is a Snaptopus. He’s got eight snaptacles specifically for hugging you to death. Some say it’s because he’s the one who’s afraid, but what does it matter? His hugs are like four times better than anyone else’s! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

365 Squarey Monsters explained

A couple of years ago I found a really cool blog called Skull-A-Day. The creator, Noah Scalin was creating a new piece of skull art every day for a year to challenge himself. The project exploded, and the idea of keeping a 365 days a year blog has become inspirational to countless artists. Noah even published a workbook called 365: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life to help inspire artists of all kinds to be creative every day. Some are documented at his blog.

A few weeks ago I finally got to meet Noah at Spacecraft in Brooklyn, NY. He was doing a workshop to inspire fans and artists to follow through with his creative challenge. At the time, we were put on the spot immediately to conjure an image in our heads. Being that I am one of the creative duo who invented Squaredy Cats, and that we're currently collar deep in the early marketing of our licensed characters as plush toys I naturally first thought of a Squaredy Cat. Noah challenged everyone present to use articles found on the table in the craft shop to make 10 or more of our chosen item within 20 minutes. Obviously speed was key here. Speed forced us to move on, not to dwell on the details, and to keep thinking while we worked.

I only managed to finish 8 as I spent a few minutes on the first one thinking I'd do a lot that were the same, and I could speed the task having perfected the process during my first Squaredy Cat. This wasn't going to work on so many levels, because when the first one was being finished my mind was already taking inventory of the things around me. I couldn't let myself make the same exact thing 10 times. It was that, and his drill sergeant pestering that motivated me to move about and create…FAST!

By the time the 20 minutes was up it was quickly apparent that just like lots of artists — when I am presented with a task and a deadline I can make things happen. In that short time I experimented with new ways of seeing what a Squaredy Cat could be. The shape began to mean more than the logo I created for it.

I was inspired.

For a few weeks the inspiration dwindled as I argued with myself over the integrity, or lack thereof, in making Squaredy Cats — something that is already commercialized in a lot of ways. Yeah, it's still an artistic creation, but didn't I want to do something completely different? Of course! But my professional life is constantly immersed in all things Squaredy Cats as my wife Elaine and I (aka Monkey Doodle Dandy) develop the characters as not just a toy, but a brand. I won't be able to take the time to be creative in yet, another way, daily. What I needed was a way to feel constructive in a new and creative way without feeling like I would be sapping my energy away from something that's really important to my livelihood. Monkey Doodle Dandy does work for other companies. Squaredy Cats is our first big license. It's in the early stages, and every minute spent on it is still a great investment to the future of something we believe in.

Then, a day ago it occurred to me that while I have a ton I'd like to develop I also have something that hasn't quite made the impact that Squaredy Cats has. It was actually born around the same time, probably from the same brainstorm — Squarey Monsters! I've developed quite a bit, but it's mostly in the background, waiting in the wings, watching Squaredy Cats grow — waiting for its opportunity. What Squarey Monsters really needs is a way to prove its value as a separate idea altogether.

So, that's where I am, and how I came to decide I should make a Squarey Monster every day for 365 days. It's going to give me the opportunity to grow and explore as an artist, while at the same time help me to develop Squarey Monsters in unexpected ways. I have no idea what I'll do. Some days I expect to be lazy (I hope not to the point of lameness), but I will make up for those days with imaginative work that should (and better) even surprise me.

I hope anyone who follows this blog will enjoy what is to come (or what has already been made). And, I encourage you to follow Noah Scalin's lead. If you are creative, and you need the motivational target in front of you as I do…make something 365.

Below, you'll find my 8 Squaredy Cats pieces. As crude as they are, please bear in mind there was a time limit. Use your imagination. These are not necessarily indicative of what is to come. Sometimes I'll have very little time to devote, but more often than not I'll have enough time to create something fun to look at.