Friday, June 24, 2011

Squarey Monster 23 (an obliterataur)

Meet today's Squarey Monster. He's a friend, but be wary of all his "help."

Meet the only known obliterataur. His name is Brub. At least that’s what we think his name is. That’s all he says. “Brub!” What we know about Brub is that he helps you rub out your mistakes. He recognizes when you’ve done something wrong, and he “erases” them. He’s kind of clumsy, though. Sometimes he erases too much, and sometimes his horns and teeth do more damage.
Ever see a pencil with teeth marks all over it? That’s from Brub. Keep him happy with some yummy pencil shavings, and he’ll be more careful when he “erases.”

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