Friday, June 17, 2011

Squarey Monster 16 (A Squarey Prometheus)

Being such a big fan of all things "Frankenstein," today's Squarey Monster was an inevitable one. I'm just finishing up a great book by Susan Tyler Hitchcock called Frankenstein: A Cultural History, so this is perfect timing. See her blog, Monster Sightings.

This fellow named himself, but since he’s got a funny kind of lisp, when he meant to say “Promise,” it came out as “Prometheus.” Prometheus does everything he can to help you keep your promises. Sometimes that can annoy you because you may have to do something you don’t like. But you’re a better person when you keep your promises. Prometheus likes to be a good Squarey Monster by helping you be a person of your word.

I'm going to enlist Prometheus in helping me keep my promise to complete this 365 Project.

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