Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Squarey Monster 14 (a whywolf named Lou)

Today's Squarey Monster is Lou. He's a whywolf. Why? Why? Why? Because one of our Facebook fans (Brittany) suggested we do a werewolf. Why not a whywolf?

Lou is a whywolf. No need for a full moon Why should he need a full moon? He takes no other form. Why? We’re not sure. All he does is ask, “Why?” If you want to go for a walk, he asks, “Why?” If you want to eat something, he asks, “Why?” It can get frustrating, but if you introduce him to the right people he can get some pretty interesting answers!


  1. Very cute! Have fun with your project!

  2. Thanks! It should be quite an experience :)

  3. Thank yinz for using my idea! :)

  4. Hope you don't mind we decided a werewolf should be a "whywolf" :)