Thursday, August 18, 2011

Squarey Monster 75 (boo!)

Boo! Sometimes work and life get in the way, and it's impossible to work on the 365 project. I'll catch up, and also make up for it with some more bonus monsters.

Meanwhile, today's Squarey Monster is inspired by the past. My brother and I somehow had it in our head that ghosts can't hurt you, but if you encounter a green ghost you have to run because green ghosts are the only ghosts that can actually kill you. If anyone can provide some insite to that belief, I'd love to hear it. Was it Alfred Hitchcock or Hardy Boys lore? Anyway, don't worry. This guy won't do that.

Ecto Echo 
The ghost of memories past, Ecto Echo rattles his chains to remind you of things you may have forgotten. Ecto Echo takes key words from your chitchat, and uses them to trigger memories that take you out of the conversation, causing you to stammer and moan like a ghost. Don’t let the flubs get to you, though. Ecto Echo has a way of only interrupting the boring conversations, anyway.


  1. Does the ghost kill the players?! I swear I've never seen it, but now I want it :) I remember a book cover with a green ghost. I can't remember if it was an anthology or a young adult novel.