Monday, August 8, 2011

Squarey Monster 68 (watermelon monster)

Thanks to Nancy for her suggestion! Today's Squarey Monster is a watermelon monster!

Melon E.4
Have you ever seen the long term results of genetically modified foods? At some point in the process they become living beings! They’re dangerous creatures, and they are not to be meddled with. These crazy Squarey creatures (sometimes known as G.Mods) would like nothing more than to make you feel yucky. Melon E.4 is the worst of the watermelon G.Mods, but that doesn’t mean Melon A.1 through Melon E.3 won’t spit their seeds at you!


  1. I've actually seen a square watermelon... but yours is way cooler.

  2. Thank you, Curious! I've seen them too. I'm hoping I can find one before my year is up so I can carve one as another version of this character :)